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Mindset Coaching

Get Ready to Master your Mindset from a Holistic Approach

If you are someone who is serious about making this huge change in your life and steer your life in the direction of your dreams and goals, then this may be just the right service for you!

How to remove Limiting Belief System?

When people struggle to create personal growth for desired achievement or overcome the psychology and behaviour that they believe plagues their lives, they often get stuck, unsure of what to do. This gives way for their limiting beliefs to overcome their inner narrative.

Since behaviour is driven by the workings within our mind as far as experiences, trauma, fears, beliefs and attitudes, it makes sense that the more one understands their own brain’s programming, the more effective they have a chance to be, either on their own or with the assistance of a coach.

Understand the Manual to Master Your Mind.

As a mindset coach, I can help clients identify where they are currently in their lives, where they want to be, what choices they have for closing the gaps and finally what they will commit to.

A benefit of coaching is that anyone who chooses this path retains autonomy in decision making and actions. Coaching can help individuals gain clarity of their goals and visions, identify challenges along the way, improve their daily habits and routines and create a blueprint to start building a life of their dreams.

I can help you master your mindset in the following areas of your life: health & fitness, parenting, relationships, marriage, spirituality, self-love & self-worth, happiness & contentment. You can choose to specify which area you need some help in, or we can work with an overall approach.

If you are ready to work with me 1 on 1 and increase the quality and standard of your life, then submit the attached questionnaire and we will arrange a FREE video call to discuss structure & pricing.


Free Mindset Assessment Call

Book your FREE Assessment Call Here!

Book your FREE Assessment Call Here!

    Client Testimonial

    I first began working with Jia in the daily live zoom workouts. During the 30 minute session, Jia speaks alot about accountability, checking in, making ourselves responsible for us and it made me realise how much I needed to work on myself. The importance of bringing the focus on ourselves was a new concept for me.

    When I began my one on one coaching with Jia, it was an instant ‘aha’ moment for my personal well-being as well as my marriage. I saw an instant change in my attitude towards negativity. In addition to that my relationship with my usband improved in many ways.

    Affaf, illinois, USA (Mindset Coaching Client)

    Customer Reviews

    I wholeheartedly recommend Jia’s Mindset Coaching sessions to help you grow into the woman you aim to become one day, inshAllah

    S.K. - Ontario, CA

    I loved how Jia would listen to my stories and gave me time, I felt like she really cared about me and wanted me to feel my best! I was very comfortable with her and loved learning new tools for myself in each session.

    D. Y. - Tennessee, USA

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