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Design Your Days Workshop

Take Charge of Your Day.

Learn practical tools and systems to take charge of your days and develop consistency towards your goals and realise your dream.

Develop Consistency towards your Goals

In times of overwhelming stress, taking charge of our days can seem challenging. In this workshop, you will learn some practical tips and tools and help you gain control of your days, so you can optimize your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.

Design Your Days Workshop is an incredibly valuable course to help you take charge of your days, especially in the current times of higher stress levels and external chaos.

When you purchase this bundle, you will instantly gain access to the the Daily FitFam membership network. You will also be given full access to our Design Your Days workshop.

You get to workout LIVE with a certified fitness coach, while also benefiting from all the member perks. Perks include weekly guides on Nutrition, Mental Health, Emotional Wellness, Physical Fitness and also Accountability Support, in the form of habit trackers & monthly calendars.


Design Your Days Workshop

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Time to Take Control of Your Life





Client Testimonial

I first began working with Jia in the daily live zoom workouts. During the 30 minute session, Jia speaks alot about accountability, checking in, making ourselves responsible for us and it made me realise how much I needed to work on myself. The importance of bringing the focus on ourselves was a new concept for me.

When I began my one on one coaching with Jia, it was an instant ‘aha’ moment for my personal well-being as well as my marriage. I saw an instant change in my attitude towards negativity. In addition to that my relationship with my usband improved in many ways.

Affaf, illinois, USA (Mindset Coaching Client)

Customer Reviews

I have felt stuck for quite a while now but since STARTING the workshop, let alone COMPLETING it, I have already seen some major changes SubhanAllah. For the first time in my life, I have structure to my day! I know what my goal is, I recognize my 'pitfalls' & I've already noticed that my positivity & productivity has gone way up Alhumdulillah. Instead of my days starting with a feeling of dread, not knowing where to start & ending with feelings of guilt for all I hadn't accomplished, I wake up feeling grateful & looking forward to the day because I have a plan in place now. I go to bed feeling grateful & so proud of myself because I'm making progress in all areas of my life, as Jia likes to say Mental, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual. There is so much packed into this workshop but
it doesn't feel heavy or overwhelming - it's short, clearly explained videos that
make it easy to follow & implement. I cannot recommend it enough!!

Zainab K.

After completing Jia's "Design your Days" workshop, I can honestly say I am excited to implement the tools she outlined to take back control of my days. Her years of experience in the field of wellness, mental health and fitness, coupled with her genuine love and care for helping women reach their best selves, make this workshop so valuable. Being at home due to the pandemic with young kids, it felt like my days didn't belong to me. From the time the kids woke up, I was running around after them, and once they went to sleep,
I was too tired to do anything for myself. Days turned into weeks and months. What I loved about Jia's workshop was that the modules were short, concise, and easy to get through. And best of all, the tips can be easily implemented right away, as soon as you finish the course, or even after the first few modules. I highly recommend Jia's "Design your Days" workshop.

Aliya D.

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