What is your ‘FITNESS MINDSET’?

Let’s talk about your FITNESS MINDSET!

What comes to your mind when you hear ‘fitness’? Do you automatically think about a number on the scale? Do you picture someone with muscles and a six pack? Do you think ‘oh that stuff just isn’t for me!’ Or, do you think being fit means you have to eat salads, cut out all sugar and work out every single day?

Here are some reasons why people fail to maintain a consistent and long term fitness routine:

  • They set a goal and treat it like a destination rather than a long journey- eg, I want to weigh 120 lb; they weigh themselves everyday, and obsess about this number! If, after exercising regularly they don’t see results, they give up!
  • ALL or NOTHING mentality – this is a very common pitfall for most clients! Once the decision is made to start their fitness journey, they try to make too many changes too fast. If they fail in one aspect, they give up.
  • Afraid of challenging their minds & bodies – some people allow their inner narrative and limiting beliefs to stop them! We must get comfortable being uncomfortable in order to grow – mentally & physically!!
  • Falling into the trap of comparison rather than seeking inspiration – I hear so many people say things like, “I want to look like her”, “I want her arms” – It’s great to find inspiration and have an ideal body in your mind, but that should never be anyone other than yourself!

Here are some simple tips to improve your FITNESS MINDSET:

  • Treat your fitness as a life long journey! Find joy in it. Celebrate the small successes along the way!
  • Start small. Choose ONE healthy habit to incorporate in to your daily routine, then build upon that. For example, setting a goal for a daily walk.
  • Get comfortable being UNcomfortable. Push yourself mentally & physically. A lot of our limiting beliefs are simply stories we’ve told ourselves. Challenge yourselves regularly & you’ll be amazed!!
  • Seek inspiration but never compare! VISUALIZE YOUR BEST SELF – not you in other bodies! Everyone is unique and has a different body composition – fitness should never be about desiring to have someone else’s body – it’s about loving the body you’re in and making it better!
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