The LOVE Mindset

✨The LOVE Mindset✨

Understanding your mindset can increase your effectiveness in relationships.

Culture, society, parenting and childhood conditioning have all shaped our mindsets around what an ‘ideal’ love relationship should be, and this is unique for everyone. Having a growth mindset in our relationships can help us get through the toughest hurdles and challenges.

Here are some key concepts to understand, in order to fully thrive in a healthy, loving relationship:

  • Find HAPPINESS within YOURself. Do not hold your spouse responsible to make you happy.
  • Never COMPARE your relationship with someone else’s.
  • Become aware of your EGO and learn to CONTROL it. A relationship should not be a battleground of egos.
  • Instead of focusing on your partner’s flaws, shift the focus on your own. Work on bettering yourself consistently.
  • Let go of CONTROL. A healthy relationship should not have one partner trying to control the other.
  • EMPATHY with our spouses helps us see things from their perspective. Use this often.
  • RESPECT each other.
  • COMMUNICATE effectively.
  • Learn your spouse’s LOVE language.
  • Prioritize your spouse.
  • Keep the SPARK alive by making quality alone time for each other.
  • Use the power of GRATITUDE. Thank your spouse and show appreciation for the littlest of gestures.
  • Find beauty in the STRUGGLE and embrace adversity.
  • Keep GOD CONSCIOUSNESS as the guiding compass.

It is to be noted, these are all simple and practical tips, but not always easy to master. The key is to be aware, and consciously work towards bettering ourselves.

Tell me in the comments if you have had to UNlearn and learn your mindset around love? 👇🏽 It’s incredible how much we have been conditioned – I personally am still learning …

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