The Daily FitFam presents ‘Mental Health Awareness Ladies’ Gala’ – Featuring DJ Nazzy

This event is held annually in February, as this is the month when mental health is the lowest. With this year being especially difficult and heavy, with the terrible atrocities taking place in Gaza, Congo, Sudan, it is even more important that we come together in a safe, judgment free zone to release the stress. Hosted by the founder and creator of The Daily FitFam, Jia Jamali, whose mission in life is to help women overcome their personal struggles, empower themselves, and take care of their mental health while striving to become better versions of themselves, this is a night you don’t want to miss. As Jia always says, we are no good to any cause if we are numb, debilitated and in despair; this is why it is important to fill your cups, so you can then pour for others and fight the good fight!

This event is designed to cater to the women of our community, who are always taking care of others, serving others and focused on the wellbeing of their loved ones. On this night, dress your best, and show up to be served with a delicious five course dinner in a beautiful ambiance followed by a night of fun and good vibes, in a safe, judgement free zone. 

Note that this is a strictly women only event. No photography/videography is allowed inside of the venue, with the exception of a designated photo area. This will be strictly enforced. Partial proceeds from this event will be donated to humanitarian efforts in Gaza. 

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