Do you think about DEATH regularly?

We will all reach this reality, yet very few of us consciously think about this & plan for it.

No, there is no age factor. No, there are no guarantees. Anyone, at any point in time can leave this earth.

The true fragility of life is ever so clear to us, yet we forget. We dwell in our problems. We magnify our tiny, sometimes petty issues into large ones. We lose sight of the bigger picture. But, of course we do, this is what it means to be HUMAN.

So, how then, do we live a conscious & intentional life while enjoying every moment and not get sad about the temporary nature of our existence?

Here are some ways that have helped me frame my thinking around this difficult but important concept:

  • Life is short, therefore I will live each day to the fullest.
  • I could return to my Lord at any given time, so I will look for opportunities to do good and never take life for granted.
  • My loved ones will not be here forever, so I will make it a point to tell them their good qualities, why I love them & make them feel better while they are here.
  • My kids could lose me any day, am I providing loving emotional support to them on a consistent & regular basis?
  • My spouse is here with me today, and may not be here tomorrow. Am I appreciating him enough?

I realize that all these are difficult things to think about, but I do believe we should be bringing more awareness to this. The last and most profound way I stay conscious on a daily basis is through VISUALIZATION. I have actively visualized my own funeral/janazah for years now, and always ask myself: Did I please my Lord? Did I make a difference in someone’s life? How did I impact those around me? Did I bring light or darkness to my loved ones?

Doing this helps me stay grounded. It keeps me focused on my true goals and most of all, it keeps my intentions in check.

If any of this brought anxiety or sadness to you, then I sincerely apologize. My goal here is to remind you that with all that is happening around us right now, we have to remain conscious and mindful. With our choices, with our thoughts, with our actions.

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