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Do you think about DEATH regularly? We will all reach this reality, yet very few of us consciously think about this & plan for it. No, there is no age factor. No, there are no guarantees. Anyone, at any point in time can leave this earth. The true fragility of life is ever so clear …

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The LOVE Mindset

✨The LOVE Mindset✨ Understanding your mindset can increase your effectiveness in relationships. Culture, society, parenting and childhood conditioning have all shaped our mindsets around what an ‘ideal’ love relationship should be, and this is unique for everyone. Having a growth mindset in our relationships can help us get through the toughest hurdles and challenges. Here …

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✨ Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change alongside it. ✨ We are in control of our thoughts, feelings and emotions. So many of us have dreams, visions and goals set for the kind of life we want to live, yet, so many aren’t even aware of what kind of emotions, thoughts …

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